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I’m doing something unheard of in the Essential Oil industry…I put 100% of my profits back into making free samples for you or anyone else that might come to my site.

When I first got involved in this industry I was so confused trying to figure out which oil brand made the best oils and would best suited to my needs. It seemed like everyone I talked to from the various companies told me the same thing..Parroting the usual salesy marketing lines their company indoctrinated them with.

I have decided to figure out if there really was such a thing as the “Best” fragrance oil company or the “Best” therapeutic grade oils. What I discovered was not that surprising…The same kind of games I have seen in several other product categories and industries was alive and well in this one.

I had the crazy idea one night that I should just build a site where I could put all my research and information and let the consumer decide based on the guidance I would provide. The truth is that each person has their own unique set of needs and goals for their usage of essential oils. I know a lot of people probably don’t want to hear that they just want the easy answer…and that is EXACTLY what these companies like to prey upon. Giving the consumer the “easy solution”. What I came to recognize is that most people need a customized solution and that can take the form of choosing certain oils from some companies and particular ones from another and making one’s own collection.

So in addition to providing information you won’t see anywhere else, I am the only one to my knowledge who provides FREE SAMPLES! One of the classic marketing strategies you see in this industry is not giving out samples to customers; because if they did that…the customer might be too empowered and actually reach their own conclusion based on their direct experience with each brand! Eeek! Being sarcastic of course but this is actually not that far off base with the truth.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew you needed a good Peppermint for a specific purpose to be able to try five or six different brands? That way you could make a good informed decision based on your own subjective experience. I’m not saying all the other objective information out there is useless, but being able to experience an oil first hand is really important.

This is what I have done on my site and run the various oils through several tests to assess their different properties and qualities.

If you need essential oils, then take the oil quiz on my site; that is Step 1. Step 2, please send an email and let me know how I can help you.

 With gratitude, Alex

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...because every company said their quality was the best.
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