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Review of Ameo Essential Oils by Zija International

This company is so new so I don't have any history or there is no one to ask if they really live up to their testes (they do a 5 stage process that needs to be verified as their website makes them seem better than every other oil as if other companies (Im talking about the 2 MLM companies) don't have quality controls. You can see it is very sneaky and subtle the way its written so I will either bust them or find out if they are any better. This "cell active" marketing is what got me curious and their weight claim. I will be testing 100 drops of their oil to 100 drops of others oils and see if its heavier or lighter.

My review of their oils. See my review below to decide if this brand is for you.

​I will say that the Ameo oils defiintely have the most concentrated but less fragrant smell than any other brand I tested. Their lemon had a more "alive" smell as well as their peppermint. It smelled less minty compared to the others but stronger in a more alive way. Best way I can describe it is the smell of a fresh durian and a frozen durian. They both smell like durian but the green one has a more alive smell before its frozen.

Ameo claims they never harvest sooner or later to avoid certain weather conditions or grow too long to get more oils out of growing more pounds of plants. As the plants stay alive past their peak when it gets cooler and the sun exposure is less the plant is considered "old age" and the constituent production is less.

​Ameo seems to be the highest in constituent level as they only distill once but if buying to make the room smell good, none of their oils are better smelling than either of the other two mlm brands. About 50% of the people are buying oils for therapeutic reasons so this is probably one of the top 2 oil brands I've tested for therapeutic uses.

​Another way to tell besides using a laser is when I tasted the oils. Triple distilled oil will always taste less strong but more sweet and brighter. The more its distilled the sweeter it tastes an the smell is heightened. The best example of the taste was with orange oil. The less heightened the taste is the more therapeutic the oils should be. Peppermint oil is also a good example of finding out which brand has those strong constituents that I can taste or feel on my skin.

All of the oils they make are distilled once. They have their own line of diffusers but I would not buy their oils if I was gonna use the diffuser unless I need it for therapy because the smell is just not what I look for when trying to use oils for aromatic reasons but for therapuetic value you have to give up the nice smell. A tripple distilled oil should smell up the whole room quickly while the more medicinal grade oils do not have this heightened smell. The room fluence is also bunk. I don't get that wow factor when using their oils in a diffuser. I can't say it any more direct. If going for aromatics, go for one of the other mlm companies. I have samples of both extremes if anyone wants to try a sample of any of the contrasting oils. See my Doterra vs Young LIving page) I do not have Ameo oils on the video as they weren't out at the time

Note: I have now added a few Ameo oils to compare to Young Living and doTerra now.. see my updated Doterra vs Young Living review page. Triple distilled oil can be addictive in a way for some people. It draws many people as it triggers the pleasure center in the brain.

Ameo also claims they check for yeasts and molds in their oil. Pure uncut oils are the most resistant to molds and yeasts. If "cut" oils are left in the hot car or in the sun, this is how the oils can harbor molds. Study Rock to rot Therory.

I also noticed about their tree oils like myrrh and their Sandlewood, they congealed quicker when I put them in the fridge. Sandlewood from one of the other companies still still congealed but was more runny than this brand. One thing I didn't know till I read their site is they put nitrogen in their oils. Most companies when I called them I asked about this and they just seal them in sterile rooms with normal room air. I am now wondering if the oils oxidize quicker when air is used. I know some companies use preservatives but they will say it on the bottle if they do. None of the brands I promote use chemicals to preserve their oils.

Ameo was the first company to mention they agitate their oils to keep all the constituents in the oil evened out. Some companies skim off the top as they need to fill up bottles for people and don't get the constituents that settled to the bottom. These constituents which are made from the enzymatic reactions in the plant is what makes these oils valueable for their constituents. A high constituent count oil can be triple distilled and then lose most of its constituents too. On my viscosity page I go more in detail. Although some people want reserve quality where someone takes a syringe and sucks up the super concentrated oil at the bottom of the barrel, agitating the entire drum might get less of these heavier constituents but the lighter constituents also have a therapuetic value. It might have less limonene from the bottom but lacks maybe the ceneol constituents that are lighter and float midway up the drum. Most people lack the expertise to recognize an oil when its original integrity is changed. You don't have to just rely on trust when you know how to test them. I trusted many people. They all sound honest on the phone but when you start asking more technical questions like I do, this is when I know they don't know their oils.

The same test to see if olive oil is extra virgin or not, is to see if the color of the laser beam through the oil changes. When camphor and additives have been added, they refract the light differently. A cheap 5 dollar laser pen on Amazon is all thats needed. You can also use the same laser to infuse the oil and make it smell better once its infused. I have free samples to infuse the lasers if anyone wants one.
If someone is seriously in the business of selling oils. Im talking a reseller who buys in bulk and resells, should have a fridgerator dedicated just for oils. No one wants to pay for essential oils that have been sitting in someones house for 2 years not kept cold. I keep samples in my fridge and all the bottles cold. My stuff never rolls over to the next season. If someone can't sell their batch during the current harvest season, then somethings wrong.
Peppermint oil can have a strong candylike smell or smell just like the leaves. Ameo smells like it was ground up in a food processor and taking a smell of it. I know they claim their oils are cell active and might be why they smell so strong but since they have only been out since 2014 I can't say if the enzymes in the oil will keep that smell consistency for a long time. But the current harvest batch of oils definitely have a noticeable strength to them. So far no test I've done shows they are cut with anything to make them smell stronger. If I had to guess, the only thing I can think of is they skim the top and who knows what they do with it and sell the bottom half of the barrel where the heavier constituents are. I have free samples of doTerra, Young Living and Ameo if anyone wants to compare the differences. Everyone likes a different one. Many people get the leaf smelling oil and the peppermint candy smelling oil and combine them to get the best of each. A single and triple distilled peppermint oil just mixed 50 50.
For Ameo oils, since the people I tested have a certain body ecology, the best way to put it, I am sending samples to anyone who wants to try Ameo and compare it to whatever other brands to compare to.

The scent agrees with most people of similar body ecology. For those starting out I would strongly suggest graduating to this brand.
​Faint but authentic and less "addictive" in a way is how I would describe my personal experience with this line.

If a company can show me they can be consistent for at least 3 harvests in a row, I take that into consideration when recommending a brand. So far, every year all the brands I selected the previous year are about 2 our of every 5 oils different during the next harvest. Nature is inconsistant but when one year an oil is really drippy and the next its not I know somethings up. If the harvest was really low one year, that doesn't mean its ok with me using an oil that they used more pressure and heat than last year to supply all their customers. But if they do, I think they should tell me.
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Ameo VS doTerra VS Young Living
Ameo has a totally different profile than doTerra and Young Living. I am giving free samples during my review. Help me with out my review and get generous amounts of samples.
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