Out of the MLMs, doTerra is slightly cheaper, about 1 to 3 dollars cheaper per bottle. They focus on less oil (42 different single oils) opposed to others that have near 100 oils. With fewer oils they seem to have a tighter control over it. They do not own their farms or do any of the distilling themselves. They are a re-bottler which is probably makes their oils cheaper since they don't have expenses with farms and distillers and staffing.
They have their own sources for who they buy from. doTerra do not share the same farms as the bulk wholesale companies. These companies are around 25% cheaper than even my lowest wholesale cost on doTerra. The quality of doTerra goes back and forth with Young Living. The only way to tell which brand is better is to compare batch by batch. I cannot give a general statement that one company is better than the other.

I can definitely tell the difference with doTerra oils.
dont iown farms or distil own oils but.. their quality is close to Grade AA Prime. They fit into my Grade A category. Depending on the batch (I buy a bottle of each of their 42 single oils along with their competitor Young LIving the same 42 oils to see whose oil is better for that harvest season). Sometimes doTerra has the best oil to me while Young Living has the best for another oil that I used. I use both brand to get the most potent oil. It's a 50 50 chance when you get both brands). I rate my oils without infusing them first. This is a seperate test that I do and everyone feels them differently.

Note: if anyone is considering a single oil (I don't compare blends at all), let me know which essential oil you are considering and I will tell you the differences between the 2 batches from doTerra and Young Living. It really bothers me when the Young Living people I work with tell me how theirs is better and then the doTerra tells me an equal argument how theirs is better. Enough of this! This is why I test the current batch both manufacturers are selling so people can get a real review on both brands.

This year I liked Lavender better from Young Living from their last. Last year I liked doTerras better better than their last. If you watch my videos, you will see how one of the lavender oils is thicker while the other Lavender oil was thinner and dripped twice as fast. There were some noticible differences between the two. If anyone wnats a sample of the two lavenders, I can send a sample. We make samples up and they are already packaged and ready to go since lavender is my most requested sample.

​doTerra is seriously one of the best essential oil brands in the world overall but if someone really wants to dissect their oils on a smaller level, then comparing the two best companies is what I have to do.

The smell is much different every time compared to their competitor but if anyone wants to try them let me know.
If you want to find a distributor in your area where who might many oils for you to try le me know also. There is a lady that works who has a database where you can give her your city and she looks it up and will find whoever is in your area. She will also give me several names too just in case you need another resource.
If you are looking for a single oil and want to know the difference between this years crop between the different manufacturers, take my essential oil quiz.

Know Before Buying
Helpful Information

I have free samples to anyone that wants to review doTerra essential essential oils. I have samples of the entire line of doTerra oils.

I can send as many samples as you are willing to review. We do not charge people for samples. Please return the bottles and clean them with alcohol before returning them.

If you want to see if you like doTerra try the samples before you buy. I prefer people trying several brands before deciding on which oil to use. 
The constituent level in some of the essential oils are very strong. There is a machine that you put the oil on top of a plate and it will tell you how much the oil raises my body frequency. If you pick out your favorites from the oil samples you get from me and then see how many of those go over or lower than "50" on the machine, this can help you determine. This machine costs $18,000 so I would try to find someone in your area who has one. If you want to find someone near you and I know someone I will let you know. See my videos below to see how the machine picked the oil that was best for me.
I strongly recommend trying a sample of each single oil that you are want before using them. This year you might like one brand, and next year a different brand. We can give you as many samples as you are willing to review.
See my Latest Review Page on
Ameo VS doTerra VS Young Living
Ameo has a totally different profile than doTerra and Young Living. I am giving free samples during my review. Help me with out my review and get generous amounts of samples.
Go to My Ameo VS doTerra VS Young Living review here
doTerra was the first to come up with the term "therapuetic grade" and just after that everyone is now saying their oil is therapeutic quality. doTerra also has the highest volume of sales right now too.

doTerra smells the strongest of all the 3 brands. If they are not triple distilling their oils like other companies I talk to complain about, and they are tested for 100% purity, I still cannot figure out why they smell so strong if they have only been distilled once. The 2nd and 3rd distillations are sold off as fragrances which are cool with me but not if I'm using them for therapeutic reasons. NOTE: just because some essential ols smell stronger doesn't mean they are more potent as the constituents have been baked off. I don't see this with doTerra as the have the original constituents like the others 2 brands.

With doTerra being the number one oil when I spent weeks calling practitioners, I will assume its single distilled. Especially since they now have the largest market share in the world of practitioners selling their oils. I will say they dont smell as much like the original plant but are the strongest in smell.

Maybe they are doing a higher pressure distillation but adding the bottom of the barrel constituents after and mixing it. This is what everyone is trying to figure out. I personally don't know why doTerra smells so different. Like their pepermint having that candy cane smell but still having all their constituents. Maybe they are removing the menthol from their peppermint oil. It might not have the constituents that menthol has so when you taste it , it doens't have that menthol sensation on my tounge when I taste it. No one knows and I don't think any one every will. All I can say, its the most popular one at this time with health practitioners. Maybe its because people that are toxic need a sweeter or more candy like smell to actually even use these oils. Who knows. If anyone wants to do a review on any oils I will send them out, as many different types as you want to review. See a sample of a review here that I did I did on lemon oil from Young Living, doTerra, and Ameo . 
MLM DEALER Warning: You must read this before becoming a dealer of Young Living, doTerra, or Ameo with anyone who I am friends with.
Everyone keeps asking me why doTerra smells so good and I look like the bad guy telling everyone that they don't use high pressure or heat when clearly this is what my whole site talks about to get more of the aroma notes of the oil and to make it smell better. If the oil was done with high heat and pressure, then of course it would smell beter and would have minimal therapuetic value.  There lemon smells the best from all the people I have shown but their oil clearly wins the styrofoam test and seems to have the most limeoline constituent. If it as triple distilled then it would not win this test. I have came up with my best reasoning for why their oil smells the strongest and as if it was using high heat or high temperature which everyone wonders when they smell it.

When the oil distilled, the oil is seperated in fractions (like the top third of it has certain desirable notes while the bottom of the barrel has more of the just say camphor or something in the oil that makes it smell astringint or chemical like. The oil on the top fraction of the barrel might have a lower boiling point and this generally was the oil that was distilled during the first few hours. NOTE: the density of the oil from the first hour is different than the oil, just say lavender, that is distilled during the final distillation time. Oll can be redistilled at a low temperature again with the bottom of the barrel oil that has a lower boiling point so extra heat can be applied without destroying the top fraction consituents. Note, this is why if not roling the oil several times the top half of one of these 15ml bottles can smell differently and have lighter constituents than the bottom half. Many people like particular notes of a smell in the oil but not others and this can make someone choose doTerra because it smells better to them. The bottom of the barrel oil which its constituents won't be damaged as they have a higher heat tolerence, will be rectified. I talked about companies rectifying oils and totally removing the therapeutic constituents. The fractions of the oil that have "undesirable notes" for aromatherapy in the oil are removed without damaging the more sensitive constituents. The fractions, and I am not sure how many layers it is distilled but its not like taking the entire oil and redistilling it killing off all the constituents as many try to make people believe about this brand. Very few companies do it like this because it is an expensive process. It seems like every few years the tecniques to make the best smelling oil is done. Probably because their competitors know what they do and just tell everuyone their oil is "triple distilled" makes people think there is no therapeutic value of their oil. Whatever they are doing by disgarding certain notes in their fractioning process which I am still not 100% certain but its my best theory based on putting everything I know about essential oils.

(See my redistillation page)
For all the people that say doTerra tripple distills their oils, this picture is for you. It is not my job to defend a company when I am not the owner or manage the company. So, people calling me asking me why I like oils that are triple diffused is just trying to start an argument for me. I have better things to do.

Only the people that work there who actually distill the oils for them know the exact process. I doublt anyone will ever find out but we can all try to come up with reasoning or go to an extreme and test every freakin oil to compare them. Look at the picture sideways.
For the record, I have done testes on each and every single doTerra oil and for different batches each year on the entire doTerra line. After all my reviews and comparisons, I cannot say they triple distill their oils. Their oils do not have the characteristics of high heat nor high pressure. Not sure how they fraction or even if they do at all but one day not anytime soon I will have enough intuition to find out exactly why their oils smell so good.

For all the people that bash them (see picture again above). I am not accusing anyone of making up stuff because I don't think anyone knows their process.
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