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Let me know if there is any certain brand you want. If you want wildcrafted, or conventional or an oil that is USDA organic let me know that too.

​Some oils are more therapeutic than others. Helichrysum can have as low as 10% sesquiterpenes while another brand has 20%. Both smell the same but in a lab is the only way to tell the difference. Some oils have menthol and camphor added that can make the oil smell more intense. I only promote lab tested oils that are proven to be authentic 100% oil by lab testing. 

If you want to smell the difference between two brands also let me know. I urge people to compare wild crafted and USDA organic oils and compare to conventional to compare the differences. I can send a sample of a conventional oil and an organic oil so you can compare.
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If you are interested in getting a certain brand, take my essential oil quiz and I will send you samples from the brands that best fit the answers you choose. Please take my essential oil quiz after your request for samples.
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Sample reserve grade lavender grown in the highest altitudes in France. Most lavender has a soft and sweet smell. This is very sharp and medicinal and smells way stronger than any other lavender in the world. This IS reserve qualtiy.

This is in limited supply. This reserve has the smoothest lavender aroma I've ever smelled.
The Largest essential oil review on the net.
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...because every company said their quality was the best.
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See our Lemon Essential Oil Review as a sample.
Anyone interested in reviewing Frankincense or Lavender, those are our next 2 reviews. Contact me if interested in reviewing these.
We will send you samples of oils from each company if you want to do a review.
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Connoisseur's Guide to Buying Essential Oils - 
What you want in Lavender oil:
1. From France (Lavender grown in Bulgaria is 2nd best, Lavender grown in USA, not the best.
2. USDA certified organic (wildcrafted is better) - Make sure it's 100% wildcrafted and USDA organic to really prove it.
3. High altitude - lavender grown in France is grown at high altitudes. Lavender grown in USA is at very low altitude. I stay away from USA lavender.
4. French
5. Blue glass bottles - I make sure lavender is only stored in blue bottles.
Contact me to find out what to look for in each oil. (let me know if you want a sample). When we are out of French lavender we have Bulgaria lavender.  
Take my essential oil quiz after you fill out this for so I can choose the brand of oil to send based on your answers.
I have a sample supply of reserve grade lavender for anyone that wants to try USDA organic high altitude lavender. Click below if you want a sample.
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Reserve Grade Lavender