First time customers only: This is at my cost to help people break through the price brackets of getting started. This is my best practices attempt to help those who cannot afford to get started with essential oils.
Package 1 - For someone just getting started
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...because every company said their quality was the best.
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Today's Special freebies
​At Cost specials to first time people coming to my site
Diffuser package deals for Professional/Clinic Users

With this diffuser receive
FREE $100 in Essential Oils from Young Living, doTerra and Ameo $300 total
FREE Two Infused ZPE Stickers
The cost of the diffuser is all you pay. Shipping is included. Everything is complimentary with the diffuser. This order is subsidized by manufactures to get you samples to try. We will not offer this package twice to the same person. Call for availability of this diffuser before you order.
300 Dollars
Residential package
Choose either of these all metal 2 diffusers and get the following freebies.
See video comparison between the two. The AroMini has the lowest micron range of all the diffusers we tested.

Get the following freebies with your order
FREE $50 in free oils from Young LIving, doTerra, Ameo $50 total
FREE ZPE infused Sticker (I place my oils on the sticker or put the sticker on my diffuser - a game changer!
FREE Year membership to get reseller prices on other products I promote (juicers, saunas, raw foods, ionic foot baths, exercise machines, distillers, shower filters, air purifiers all at dealer co -op cost)
Refundable Bottle deposit of 19 cents per bottle is required. You can keep them if you want.

Everything is complimentary with the diffuser. This order is subsidized by manufactures to get you samples to try. Call for availability of this offer before you order.
Package 2
AromaPro by Aromatech
3000 square feet range
AroMini by Aromatech
1000 square feet range
500 square feet range
Please make contact to find out our current inventory of these packages. This offer is only available for the diffuser we have in stock. We get sold out from time to time and for those that want this package we will contact you if we can fulfill the order.