These two companies battle it out for the essential oil market share.
This is most viewed page on my site so I am going to put a lot of focus on these two brands.
First, I want to get this clear... Neither of these two companies are better than the other but there is a difference bewtween their oils. Young Living has about 140 varieties from their massive farms while doTerra has only around 80 different individual oils.

doTerra outsources their oils while Young Living owns their own farms based on what I have learned. They won't outsource anything no matter if its grown in glacier melt water with Lemurian quartz crystal.

Young Living is the biggest company which I found made over 162 million dollars in 2010 with 473 employees working for Gary Young. doTerra now has over 100,000 distributors selling their oils all over the world. The 3 owners of doTerra used to work for Young Living and then set up their own company in Utah. I still don't know the whole story on what happened. I hear stories all the time and they are all different so I don't know what to believe anymore. This is why I had to test both brands. Tired of people telling me one brand is better than the other. Every time a new batch comes out I test them and compare to the last seasons batch.

​Note: Samples of each of oil from doTerra and Young Living. Maybe my opinion is not so much as important as what I think is best might not be best for someone else. I will never tell anyone to buy one over the other brand just like when you shop for perfumes at Sephora. If you ask anyone at a perfume counter, they let you smell it first. They don't try to convince you it smells good.
So, if anyone wants to know if Young Living or doTerra is better for a certain oil, I will let people know which one I liked the best (and why I liked it) and also let people have a free samples of each brand to test for themselves. It's not a big expense to share and give back some samples, after all its the profits from all the people who sell for me in my downlines that are paying for it when you think about it.

Until now, no one would give me a free sample. If you really believed in your product or could afford to then what the heck is the problem. They talk about how great the business opportunity is but they cant even give away 12 drops of oil. Remember this to all the people who never would give me a straigHT answer and trash talk the competition, RELEASE = RECEIVE.

Note: Both doTerra and Young Living have the highest changes in aroma and differences. Both companies don't redistill their oils to make them uniform every year by redistilling them to the same consistency. Each year the weather conditions for doTerra might be different so that Young Living has a different harvest that year. I am not using the word better because what one person likes better another doesn't. Plant size and plant growth are not always the same.
​Im sure everyone has a way of picking doTerra or Young Living. Maybe you like how one brands lemon smells litterally like sour lemon drop candy while the other brand smells like super concentrated lemon rind.
One brands peppermint smells like candy cane (I'm sure anyone who has reserched has read about the peppermint articles on doTerra). The other peppermint smells like like strong cented perppermint, kinda like an Altoid but way stronger.

Not everyone wants the strong smell of just the plant but they want a smoother smell. Some don't care and want the therapeutic benefits and don't care so much if they like the smell. This is when I have to decide which one I recommend once I have experienced both brands of oils.

​Both doTerra and Young living have different distillation methods. They don't each use the exact temperature and exact same pressure. Its also based onthe crop. If the amount of oil is lower this season, then they might have to use more pressure and heat. This is why every harvest sometimes I like the region where Young Living got their oil from and next time I might like doTerras. Its a 50 50 every season. Just because I liked frankincense from doTerra this year I might not like it next year as much.

I know by the way I feel after using each oil if it was processed with low heat or high heat. You can just tell if you are experienced. Low heat might lack some of the heavier constituents and there are less of them but the constituents that it does have from this low heat stay intact. It's a sacrifice. I never know whose brand will have the most constituents until I test them each year. Diterpenes, for example, are the heaviest constituent in any plant but if high heat is used, they can. 

Note: Most people that end up getting into essential oils will soon find that the only way to buy is to get oils wholesale in the MLM or buy from bulk supply companies that sell wholesale. The price of the wholesale bulk oils can be cheaper but buying in gallon and drum quantities like we do can be unaffordable to most people who just buy for themselves. 

I always have a collection of every oil they offer. I have free sample miron glass bottles that I can make samples for you or any of your people. If you have a customer that wants to smell several essential oils you recommend or that they want, just email me and I will ship them however many you need. This is paid for by all the residuals I get. If you have someone who is considering doTerra, I have samples of their oils. I never know which oil someone will like better until they get the samples.

​My up line in doTerra and Young Living cannot support me the way I need so I have to do it my way. No one gave me free samples so I could not decide since both companies believe they have the best oils. I have experience with every harvest every time either company comes out with a new batch. Its always different. If anyone wants to help choosing which oils to get, I know the differences. I will never tell anyone that one company is better. I will tell you the differences and you decide. Contact me if you want to know the real differences. As always, free samples of both brands of oils are available anytime someone requests.

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The 3 top players each have very different aroma and constituent profiles. I use lemon from one company and lavender from another. It really depends on what I am using it for. These 3 oils above are our most requested sample request. If you would like to try all 3 oils make contact. Please let me know which brand you like the best want why. As I get feedback, it helps me to make better recommendations to people. I have free samples of the entire lines of these 3 companies and as many samples as people request I can send. I give free samples in exchange for feedback to help my site. I do not charge for shipping nor any cost to sample the oils.
...because every company said their quality was the best.
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...because every company said their quality was the best.
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Which essential oil brands best serves You? I compile useful information to help people make a better decision.
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doTerra vs Young Living Essential Oils
Which is better is the question that comes up in nearly every conversation.

First, I wanted to know for myself if either of these companies do 2nd distillations. It was hard for me to believe they didn't since one company would have a sweeter smell while the other a more herby, rindy smell, like lemon rind vs sweet lemon drop candy.
The best way was to do flashpoint testing where I would boil each oil and see which one evaporated the quickest. The watery oils evaporated differently than the thicker oils. I believe both of these brands due to the economies of scale they have do only first pressings in their distillations. But, I know what a 40 minute pressing smells like and how the super high constituents are really strong and how a 2 hour distillation might still have the same consitituents that the 40 minute one had but has a more watered down 2nd half. About 20 percent of the oil comes out during that first 40 minutes and the most comes out during the following minutes. The highest constituent oil will not smell as sweet that is only distilled this short amount of time. When people smell Young Living and doTerra oils, there will almost always be a difference and people always prefer one over the other. When I go in the steam room, I like a really strong constituent and not just a good smell. I bring my own spray bottle to the steam room at the gym.

I urge people to sample what a first pressing of 40 minutes oil smells like verses a longer distillation. I believe it's also helpful to know what a 2nd distillation oil smells like so people will know how low constituent but very good smelling the oil can be. Most people buy these types due to the price. I never tell people Young Living oils are better than doTerra or vice versa. It is up to people's personal perceptions and how strong they want their oils and the type of smell.
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Young Living
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