With frankincense, I always ask people if they want summer or winter frankincense. This is what mostly seperates the aroma and constituent profile from each other.

The next thing I want to know is how old the trees were but if they won't tell me or if they don't know its not that hard to find out once you smell them. The resins that come out eight years from a new tree or resins from a 15 year tree will have a totally different profile.

Just like sandlewood, the older the trees are the more constituent levels in the oil are matured. I have some samples right now of oil from trees that are nearly 40 years old that I can send a sample of for people to try. These are hard to come by as they are usually privately owned trees on someones property. If I have frankincense oil that is from trees aged longer than 10 years, please let me know and if I have any I will be happy to share. I never know2 when someone is going to contact me and want to share with me.
These are the people who I get my frankinense from ask for a free sample o..with young liv and dot ameo 
The harvesting of frankincense oil is very time consuming and done in extreme conditions. It was super windy out there and at night when it got cooler you have to ride the resins that are collected back on camels. My ass was so sore riding the camel. I am so thankful I brought my mini Biomat with me.
Notice:  I now have some samples of about 20 year Frankincense oil. This is in very limited supply so if anyone wants to try some, make contact. I have a 32 ounce supply of this so I have a lot to go around.

​This is not for sale and if I can get more next harvest I will let those who email me on my list know.

I have the have samples of the resin as well as the oil from the same source.

I can mail out today as I go to the post office daily to mail the oils.

Also, I will send if you want some samples of Young Living, doTerra, and Ameo so you can compare the four Frankincense oils together.

If you don't want all 4 let me know.
I will then just send the private estate oil. 

​No purchase necessary. If you post a review on youtube and I can publish it on this page when I edit it next I will send out another batch of samples with another type of oil.

I want honest independant reviews. If you are trying to review my oils to try to sell or promote a certain brand with that intention, I will not post them. You do not have to mention my site as I am not doing this for banners or commercial reasons.

Make contact by phone if you are interested in getting samples and your samples will be made while on the phone with you (multi tasking) and we can record the call so others can hear anything interesting that you or I may share.
​This is how I learn and get real reviews from real people rather than a company telling me to get their oil because their oils is the best.
Call now at 1-866-998-2977 to get a sample of my private estate frankinense or from my doTerra, Young Living, and Ameo collection if you want to try these brands.

Click here for review of doTerra Frankincense, Young Living Frankincense and Ameon Frankincense

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Sample reserve grade lavender grown in the highest altitudes in France. Most lavender has a soft and sweet smell. This is very sharp and medicinal and smells way stronger than any other lavender in the world. This IS reserve qualtiy.

This is in limited supply. This reserve has the smoothest lavender aroma I've ever smelled.
free samples of low iron oxide Himalayan Salt - Super high ion output
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I just got 40 pounds of this salt. This is the rarest salt in the world. Blue Persian Salt. This is the real salt. Not died blue. This is the real imported salt that you can't get anymore. I have waited a long time to get this. I get pleasure letting people try this. If you put the sticker on top of this salt it even raises the frequency higher. One sample per person. Call me if you want to try this salt. I will put some in a manila envelope. They are ready to ship. I've already packaged several hundred. This is a salt experience!!
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Rose Absolute, Bulgaria
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