These diffusers are the top diffusers I've found. The best way to decide on which diffuser to get is to know the micron size of the oil mist you want. Some models give a better mist than others. The smaller the cluster size the quicker the absorption. Using an infused bottle also can play an effect which is noticable instantly.

I do not carry models that diffuse oils over 3 microns. The older models back in the 90s are the types that did not go as low as 1 to 3 microns. Lowering the cluster size can make the oils last nearly three times as long also. I can also turn down the cycle time so I save money on oils. Instead of keeping it on 15 minutes an hour on a medium setting, I can set it to medium low to get the same room fluence as the higher setting. The therapeutic value of the oil if it can disolve into the lungs quicker (or skin).

These types are much louder than the ultrasonic diffusers unless they have a built in silencer. The ultrasonic uses less oil and is cheaper to use it as far as oil expense. 

I am not allowed to post the prices I pay but am happy to tell people by phone. I am the one that has to buy 20 cases of 15 diffusers at a time to get my volume discount. I do not work like this. If someone is gonna buy a lot of diffusers they are gonna buy them anyway. It's this survival mode where they have to get all their money up front. Oh.. I might switch suppliers. I'm so glad I don't need to do business this way. If it really means I have to buy 20 cases instead of 10 cases to get 7 more dollars off each. Really? Really!!!!

When people buy from me, its one price. Buy 100 diffusers or 2 of them, same price each. I don't play these volume games. No one that works with me is jonesing for it either.

If you need help choosing a diffuser make contact.
NOTE: see below. I have updated this page for the most current diffusers I use.
"The greatest therapeutic benefit is received by diffusing oils for only 15 minutes out of an hour so that the olfactory system (our nose and brain) has time to recover before receiving more oils."
2015 AMEO™ AIR THERAPY PURE Nebulizing Diffuser
My original diffuser that has been working since the day I got it.

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​Which diffuser best serves You?

My quiz will help me pick out the diffuser that will give you the power you need with respect to the micron size of the mist.

I have reviewed the most popular diffusers and will pick out the model based on the answers you choose. Take the diffuser quiz below.
Are you a Health Practitioner or a residential user?
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All these years I've been wasting so much oil and having to wipe the oil off the counter as the mist was so wet. This is a picture of the latest nebulizer technology. The mist comes out bone dry and although the diffuser is pricey, its like getting essential oils less than half price since the waste is so minimal.
The newest diffusers range from the cheapest to the most expensive that the mist is so dry that your hand will not get wet if you put it over the nebulizer. The latest technology used in the Aroma Pole on the left has a heavy silencer and you cannot barely hear the nebulizer. The latest models are about 90% more effiecient than the earlier generation nebulizers. They do not waste hardly any oil that settles to the floor. You can set the aroma with your iPhone or smart phone and tell the diffuser what you want.. Do you want to wake up with pepermint and have go to bed with lavender? These new ones hook up to your computer from anywhere. NOTE: since these produce dry mists, only certain brands of oil work with the new type diffusers with a specific gravity and some oils can corrode the diffuser. Check with us first.
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...because every company said their quality was the best.
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Infused Oils Diffuser Performance Tests:
See the how the test results vary for each brand of diffuser when a Scalar Pendant Infuser is set in the field space of the device. Alternatively the oils can be infused individually before being put in the diffuser. 

What are Scalar Infusers and how does this technology help amplify aromatherapy?

For those that are not familiar with this technology, it has has several courses of effect and action on Essential Oils. It can raise the voltage level of oils (measurable through gas biophotonic emission), reduce the molecular wetting angle (more hydrophillic potential..important when doing Steam oil sessions), greater reduction power (important for detox usage), Reduced cluster size (the key to assimilation into the body and increased dispersion into the air from diffuser, greater structured crystallization patterns (see frozen oil tests where we show the crystals formed under a microscope also be sure to read Dr. Masaru Emoto's research on frozen water crystals), and attuned around 800 various homeopathic frequencies allowing the oil better uptake into the self coherence and self regulation processes of the immune system.

See the video and tests here for infused oil room fluence put into each Diffuser brand and model:
I show a picture of one of my diffusers with the sticker that makes a night and day difference in the oil being diffused. (I give these free of charge. I get many of these donated so only 1 sticker per address please)

Do it yourself easy way to test your essential oil diffuser's performance 
(how effectively it reduces the particle size of the oil and puts it into the air)

People have been dying to know which brands eat up your oil faster than you can say Cananga odorata (latin for Ylang Ylang) ? And which ones give you the most RFPO (Room Fluence Per Ounce)? 

For this test as you can see in the pictures I laid down brown sheets of paper all around the diffuser as well as plates and paper 2-3 feet out in a half mood circumference around the diffuser.
The best diffusers atomize the Essential Oils to such a small particle size that they stay airborne and gravity does not pull them to the ground. 

For some diffusers the particle size is still quite large and you can feel or see various grades of oil or moisture saturation on the brown paper. If you are trying to detect further out I recommend ceramic plates as you can take a brown paper towel and wipe with your finger all across the plate to see if you can accumulate any residues. I have collected some on a few diffuser models 5 feet out!! Tip: Make sure you have NO fans on and the windows are sealed and doors closed. 

Most diffusers are cheap and perform poorly and you can see about 80-90% of the oil forms a ring around the diffuser a few inches away and a 12-16 inches from the diffuser on the floor. Oh! I forgot to mention that the diffuser should always be on the ground for this test not on a table top or counter etc.
Live blood cell analysis showing sticky blood versus a healthy colloidal suspension which is usually caused by higher ionic fluid potential also known as Zeta potential.
See our new diffuser review page. We review the Aroma-Ace™ which is the most popular to the super high end luxury diffusers.
Go to our new diffuser review page here to get help picking out the right diffuser.
This diffuser is portable or can be mounted on the wall. This can be programed to put out the scent I want and is totally customizable.
This is the most expensive portable dry diffuser we have tested. The mist is bone dry and wastes very little oil. The oil dissipates immediately. This is the most efficient nebulizer we have tested.
The new dry technology diffusers only work with oils with specific densities. Certain oils brands won't and won't make that dry mist. I tested different different oils from different companies. Some oils will clog up this diffuser so check with us to see which oils we used that worked the best. The lighter the density of the oil is the lower the micron size these types will put out. This diffuser on the left is for rooms up to 2500 square feet but only with the right oils.
The power is not in how hard it blows but the dry mist. This diffuser has saved me so much oil over the last year its not even funny. 
Infusing the oil is simple as putting the sticker or pendant on the diffuser.
Waste Watch
Compare the waste oil from diffusers.
Some diffusers waste oil up to 3 times as fast as other diffusers. The latest is the "cold air technology" but here is what I had to figure out that they didn't tell me. The diffusers that have the highest fluence meaning higher square footage put out a higher particle size than a diffuser that has lower particle size.

A model that does 500 square feet puts out less oil as it has a pump with a lower PSI. The better diffusers I have seen still put out oil rated at 500 swuare feet but have a higher.

Note: they go up to 500 or 1000 square feet. This doesn't mean it does that in every home. This can depend on the height of the room and the floor plan, humidity, and if the home is in a high or low altitude part of the country.

The same companies make diffusers that will put out essential oil at 5,000 square feet. These give off HUGE LPM (liters per minute) of oil which is how they rate them. They don't actually give off a liter per minute but a fraction of that. Some are rated for under 2 lpm and others 8 to 10 lpms. What I watch out for is the liters per minute compared to the psi of the pump. Higher psi pumps are much lounder. I strongly recommend a diffuser with a silencer on it so you don't hear a humming noise if you want it quiet. Many people look for the highest output but that is good for places like hotels and offices that buy these but for therapeutic reasons, the lower the cluster size is what I personally look for.

Micron size: 1 to 3 is typically what the diffusers on the market give. at 3 microns, the mist is more wet and at 1 micron or lower (nano size), the mist is pretty much bone dry.
Some of the newest atomizers are super expensive but they save so much money on oils as the waste is negligable when giving the nano size mist.

NOTE: Make sure the rating on an oil is rated at 1000 square feet based on ESSENTIAL OIL. NOT FRANGRANCE OIL which has a lower density and produces a lower micron range. I have seen the same diffuser on one site say it has a 500 square foot range and on a nother site that sells fragrance oils say it goes up to 1200 square feet. I thought this company was changing the spec on the diffuser until I knew this.

By knowing the wattage of the diffuser is helpful also. How can a diffuser have a large psi if it has a low wattage. Rarely people think about this.

Remember, for therapeutic usages, the smaller models produce a lower micron size than the models that have a 2,000 square foot rating. The ability to make the cluster size smaller will require a more powerful pump but still keeping the liters per minute low. This is the opposite what most people naturally try to pick out. Everyone the first question they ask is whats the square footage. I hope people will make the best decision and know the differences between the diffusers out there on the market with each having different specs.
What is more important to you?
What size area are you going to be diffusing?
Do you want a diffuser with a built in silencer?
Do you live in a high humidity area?
Diffuser Quiz
These are the 4 latest diffusers we promote. Each of them can go down to 1 micron size mists or lower depending on the brand of oil being used. If the micron size is larger with the wrong oil (higher density) it can leave residues. The smaller pump diffusers have a lower psi and give off around 1ml per hour while the larger models give off 3ml an hour at the 1 micron size mists.

NOTE: I do not promote models that give off heavy mists of higher than 3 microns. Many companies have told me their diffusers are rated for 1 micron. Yea,, with maybe 2 or 3 essential oils on the market that aren't that popular in a warm room somewhere in Mount Everest where the air is so thin. Some have corrosion free plastic tubes also. And some pumps are loud but have silencers so they can perform quietly. Many companies have external nebulizers and claim they are whisperquiet. Sure, yea... on their lowest setting.
The quietest ones are less than 20 dba and the loud ones are around 50 dba (which they all claim WHISPER QUIET".

Some diffusers claim their air compression pump lasts up to 10,000 hours
So if you use it for 2 hours a day. Thats 5,000 days or 13 years. This is kinda funny because the companies that make these pumps told me something totally different.
1000 square foot, 1 micron size mist with most oils
$300, compact 12 inches high. About twice power of the 500 square foot model but higher fluence.
See our special here
3000 square foot, 1 to 2 micron with most oils. Very high fluence and very little waste oil.
$695 retail - Call for our volume price.
500 square foot, less than micron size mist with most oils $298, Lowest decibel model. 8 watts, lowest lpm, low waste oil dropping to floor
See our special here
2000 square foot, higher PSI pump, 4 times the fluence as their 8 watt model. This has 6 watts and higher lpm. This is similar to the 1000 watt model as these use no glass nebulizers
We no longer carry plastic made diffusers
Aromatherapy Diffusers we promote must have:
High psi, LOW Liter per minute Diffusers
Commercial grade pumps
Reach down to 1 micron mists (bone dry)
Take my Diffuser quiz below for help choosing a diffuser.

Atomizer interview - Serene House Manufacturer
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lower micron mist
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