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The thing I have to note first about them is that each single oil seems to have its own distillation practice. Their lemon oil smells just like lemon and their peppermint oil smell like candy. Usually with companies like Young Living or doTerra, it seems they choose one way and use it all across the board. Many people either like the lemon drop candy smell while others like that rindy smell.

Their oils definitely don't have any after smell. They are very similar to the Ameo brand as they smell a little less potent but smell authentic. They are mainly a diffuser company so they only have 5 different oils at this time of writing this. Many people who like the more peppermint leaf smell over the candy smell might not like their peppermint but like their lemon. I get their oils out of New Jersey. Their oils are certified in Germany. Also, they have information on every oil so it can be traced. I did find interesting that one some of their blends they say "mostly organic". This is a first since most companies claim its organic and make people think every single ingredient in the blend is organic. They were telling me how their lemongrass was not organic but they get tested and they don't use fertilizers and are not GMO. It is up to me to compare the scent and how the oils make me feel. Companies don't always tell me the exact growing conditions, how much sun it had, did they have to manually water it.

The diffusers are what they are really known for. They use German technology diodes. Their atomizer vibrates at 1.7 Khz and some even go up to 2.4Khz as long as it stays clean, like clean as a whistle clean. To keep it at this level there cannot be any residues. Their atomizer is also replaceable as many people don't clean them and they get corroded. You can't get the low cluster size mist and high fluence when they are clogged. Their 18 watt diffusers are super powerful. Their diffusers cover about 400 square feet while the average diffuser costing around 50 bucks is rated for 100 to 200 square feet. My videos show the fluence of their atomizers. I can get any of their diffusers at a good price. I have a friend in New Jersey that picks them up so I don't have to pay double shipping. Their diffusers are good but mainly for those who need a diffuser for a larger area. Also, since they put out more oil in the air, it does cost more to run them as they diffuser faster.

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Review of Serene House lemon oil. Smells just like lemon rind. Not a sign of "lemon drop candy smell. Odd that it has this smell considering their peppermint oil has a rectified smell totally opposite of the profile of lemon and having opposite ways. Usually one company sticks with either rectified oils or not at all.
Was very odd that they only had 5 essential oils and had all these customers who have been using their diffusers. I hung out by their booth for 2 hours. I interviewed people and mostly all the people I talk to mostly use their blends
Diffuser review at the expo. Their Instant Fresh blend was in all their diffusers. It's actually a pretty good blend. I have samples for anyone that wants to smell it. Many people were buying their forrest blend. I have samples of that blend too. 
An aroma composed of maple syrup and buttermilk that smells like hot, delicious pancakes. In the mornings,
this scent might even work as a sweet alternative to the alarm clock!
There wax pods are something I haven't seen anywhere. I like the forrest blend too. It really does make you feel you are in a green forrest. Their pods don't use essential oils but they sure smell good. They use soy wax.
This was one of their most unique diffusers. Hard to get as they are not always in stock but this gave the most fluence of any portable diffuser I tested of theirs.
Peppermint review of Serene House. Smells just like peppermint candy. Definitely has that rectified smell. It does not have the extreme rectified smell that another oil I use. It is kinda in the middle of a rectified oil and and a peppermint oil that only went through a first distillation.
Note: there has been a new design in their bottles. There are some of the French bottle designs that are shown above but the ones we now use have the same generic looking bottle.
Same oils, just their new look. I personally liked the older look better but I think they were more expensive to make. I still can't find those bottles they used or the company that makes them.
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