Rarely do they tell us the growing conditions and only tell us if they are organic or pure or whatever.
You can have pure oil but it's grown just slightly better than in someones backyard. Organic is good but I don't see any company's interest to come out and tell me, "Oh, sorry but this oil was grown after peak harvest season and its not as good quality. But, their company still charges the same price.

So, if I am going to pay top dollar for an oil, I want to know the climate it was grown in and what part of the season. So, they summer. Was it grown in april and harvested in August or was it done in October after peak season. Many people wonder why their oils even from the same companies the smell varies from different batches.

​Note: When an oil goes on sale, many people wait for this to buy. If you study how they do it, they really want to sell it for a high enough price but without fear the customer is going to return it. So, if they are selling off peak harvested oil, you will probably find them on the sites that always sell 50 t 70% off. Its all a pricing game to them. If you smell the oil and it doesn't smell quite as strong as the one that costs 3 times as much, you probably aren't going to complain because you paid 3 times less.

If you don't have a chromatography machine to find out how much of the compound in an oil that gives off the scent, the only way I know is to use a laser. Note: in peak season, lavender, for expample might have 80 to 90% of the chemicals that give off the smell but in off-peak season in the fall, maybe only 40 to 50%. Different growing conditions should give different therapeutic properties based on how its grown. As beginners, most people just look for a certain oil but don't go any deeper than this.

Old plants don't need to make the constituents to ward off other plants from competing like younger plants. The vitality of the oils in an older plant becomes bunk as the constituents have already done their job.

Notice on rose essential oil: Caution:::
Its more like rose stem oil or half the roses are not even bloomed yet.. or they pick them when they are half dead.
The rose oil that is the most fragrant can come in two ways. First is picking the roses when they are all full bloomed, like just bloomed. This is when they should clip the bloomed roses for its peak oil potency. NOTE: rose buds are much heavier and have more oil but are not at all as fragrant as the bloomed buds.

I had an interview just recently with someone who worked as a rose picker. Here is the stuff he exposed. I could barely understand him as he spoke Spanish and had his friend tell me what he was saying. He had to pick so many pounds of roses per day tokeep his job and he said how many of the pickers cheat. He said how its hot out there and you get really sweaty and its tempting to pick roses that are not fully bloomed. He said that the roses smell much stronger when they are fully bloomed  but if picked too late or premature, they don't smell as good.

I know in every industry people try to cut corners with the owners and they don't care if all the constituents are in the oils.. It's not like they are using the oils anyway. He told me if they don't meet the quota in pounds for the day they can lose their jobs. I guess when getting paid by the pound, its tempting to pick non ripe roses. I also asked what they do with the roses that are too old. He said they get picked by another guy and get put into a different place.
Also, he said that people cut corners and throw stems in their or don't cut the roses short enough so the stems will weigh more so they can get paid more for the weight. There are some other shady stuff that he told me that I won't repeat.

​The other way to get the rose oil to smell good when the roses were bunk to start with is to add camphor or something to enhance the smell.

There are ways to tell if the constituents are there. If they are grown poorly they oils will hold less light when a laser is shined through it or if it is triple distilled, it will be thinner and not hold as much light also.

I have tripple distilled oils as well as single distilled oils. And for the same oil, same species grown in the same place, tripple distilling it makes a night and difference in the smell. I personally don't use triple distilled oils but they sure smell good.

Fake Certifications
Some companies like to make up certifications or other labels that actually are just marketing terms that are trademarked or not and actually not administered by any government or industry regulating agencies in the Aromatherapy category.  For example, the term “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” is completely made up out of thin air…nice minty fresh smelling air. 

In fact each company usually talks about their own special internal standards for quality control and assessment etc. Yea yea…everyone seems to be so committed to the best quality blah blah. We are all striving for the best consumer products I guess and pay no concern to maximizing profits at the same time.

See my Organic VS Conventional VS Wild crafted page.

Know Before Buying
Helpful Information

Organic practices does not mean certified organic.

Certifed organic:
Soil is superior meaning it has less soil erosion and high levels of micronutrients and minerals in the soil which become part of the oil. Every time I have bought from companies claiming "organic practices" but they don't want to spend the money for "certification", their oils almost always have a lo level of active constituents and the aroma is no where near what certified organic smells like. They don't seem to meet any of the strict guidlines that organic farms have. If wildcrafted is not available, then I would only use certified organic. None of this organic practices bullshit.
Ask for some samples of some oils that are "not certified but use organic practices" and see what you think. I will put them in a bottle from several brands and you can tell me if you like them.

I will number the bottle but will not mention the name of the companies as thats not a cool thing to do.

People don't know how good a good oil is until they smell an oil that is totally bunk.

I will also give samples of doTerra, Young Living, and Ameo essential oils. I will never tell anyone one oil brand is better than an other.

Once you recognizes the differences in smells between conventional which if it is not certified organic, I can't call them anything else but conventional, and organic and then the wild crafted oils. Contact me on my sample page after you take this quiz to request samples.
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Which essential oil brands best serves You? I compile useful information to help people make a better decision.
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