Every freaking time I call essential oil companies, either companies or distributors, I am always getting schooled. I'm not talking general education but biased educating me on their oils they sell. Like, talking about how I want to watch out for poor distraction practices or purity levels and imediately after that they say how their oil is what I should be looking for.

All these distributors trying to educate me is very manipulative. All they are trying to do is sell me their oils. And all this education is so generic. It's the same information in some basic aramatherapy book. They go over all the stuff to watch out for but they can't prove that their oil meets all these standards like I am supposed to trust them because they know so much.

What I found really interesting is that the aromatherapists that have been this for 20 years or more always recommend brands that those that sell oils never do. Basically, those that don't sell oils use oils from different companies while those that sell always have one single brand on their shelves just to sell them as a dealer. They carry lavender. And theirs is the best and most pure. They carry helichrysum. Guess what. Theirs is also goingto be the best one. It makes me sick. I can talk to 20 aromatherapists and just about everyone things that theirs is the best.

Those that sell oils rarely recommmend the same brands that those who practice but don't sell them.
​Basically, what I am getting at is that the brands that they sell are the ones that they get the best margins on if it is a national brand, one of the big brand names advertised on the internet. Then there are the aromatherapists that private label their own oils that sell their own brands. These are the people that source their favorite oils from many different companies. They don't have to sell brand names because they are trusted in their community. There is one company I found that a very well known raw foods institute uses and this is how I found one of the suppliers on my site. You have to have a business license and tax id to buy from them. 

​Just recently I called about 12 companies to ask why their rose was cheaper. Now this really agrivated me. Every company, the ones that were selling it at half price all the way to the most expensive, all said their rose oil was unadultered. I can take my laser and put the oil next to my infused laser and before I even smell the sensation on my palm will tell me which one I will like the best. It never is wrong. I can take a super potent Rose oil and some rose oil that I consider grade D and I can instantly feel the difference.

​I am tired of all these inflated prices to make people think their oils are just as high quality as the brands I know that are high quality. I won't mention names so I don't upset any manufacturers but I KNOW who the crappy companies are and whose selling really good stuff.

Oh and talking about dealers schooling people, see how long they want to answer YOUR questions before trying to sell you something. The most common answer is, "we aren't familiar with other oils, just our brand". BS. This is so BS. Why is it that when I ask about a brand that I know is better than theirs they won't answer but when it is a brand that is not as good as theirs, they are quick to tell me the differences. YES, ANYONE IN THIS BUSINESS COMPARES OTHER OILS ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE A MANUFACTURER. YOU CAN'T COMPETE WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR COMPETITION. IT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THIS INDUSTRY. The same person that said they don't know about other brands didn't remember the next time I called and they got comfortable with me and then trash talked other brands and told me how theirs was better.

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Which essential oil brands best serves You? I compile useful information to help people make a better decision.
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Irresponsible Recommendations for Usage
I truly am shocked how many companies nowadays recommend or even mention as an option to consumers that they can use their oils internally! While it may be true the quality is there that doesn’t mean there isn’t risks with consuming something so potent! Most people don’t realize that one drop of an essential oil could be equivalent to 25-75 cups of the herbal tea of the same plant.
These types of recommendations for internal usage go against the scope and practices recommended by the Aromatherapy and Herbal associations, as well as The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), The International Federation of Aromatherapists Code of Ethics, and many other major books and texts written by long time Essential Oil experts. 

It’s really easy to understand why some companies recommend internal usage...it’s the same reason they are pushing oil diffusers down our throats..can you guess why? SALES VOLUME!!!

They know they can sell WAY more oils when people are rubbing on their bodies, using them internally, and diffusing them! You could go through a couple bottles per day this way. It’s really quite silly considering that the skin absorbs chemical and organic compounds more readily than through the digestive tract!! This is people have to be so careful getting clean skin care products. This is also the same reason why I am such an advocate for Infrared Saunas. A person can release tons of toxins just through sweat alone.
I also learned the hard way about rubbing oils on undiluted. When I was first talking to all these sales reps out there a few of the companies would have their people rub the oils directly on my skin! This is like Essential Oil Guidelines 101 and step 1 or 2. Don’t use undiluted. Duh. I have since then studied various companies Consultant sales guidelines and they literally recommend doing this. Perhaps this is a great marketing idea and I am wrong…leave your customers with a tingly burning feeling that could turn ugly and they will remember you and your oil brand forever!! Genius! “Hello Mr. Customer do you remember I came in two weeks ago and we tried those oils together? I bet you remembered…it sure made an impact..on your arm. Care to buy some oils?”

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