​Calling an essential oil therapetic grade, even if its organic or wildcrafted is not right when they know their oils have been high temperature heated or they use high pressure to extract more oil out.

Note: if a dealer says low pressure extracted, ask them what pressure they use. Just like high pressure juice extracting (unlike the Norwalk), high pressure denatures the oils just like juice.

Many of these companies make essential oils at high temperatures. Their distillers go hotter to squeeze out that extra bit of oil than they would if they were at lower temperatures. This damages the therapeutic qualities of the oils, for their profit and the consumers expense. NOTE: It is not just the temperature of making these oils themselves, its also what temperature they store them at.

The best practices are to store oils at about 65 degrees in a totally dark room. If someone is storing oils for years, it costs lots of money to keep a room at 65 degrees, especially in summer.
​The voltage of the oils drop as the temperature gets higher. If an oil has been sitting out several years before it gets sold, you can also test the energy of the oil by using a laser. The tingling sensation I get from a freshly distilled oil is no where near the low entensity of a bunk oil.

There are only a few companies I know of that extract their oils the way I want them to and store them in cold rooms. With oils like this, you don't need a salesperson telling you how good their oils are, you know once you get them when you compare it with stuff you already have.

​So, this is how they get by cheap. They can take just say 60 roses to make one single drop of rose oil or they can take 45 roses and use high pressure and high heat to increase their profits and just denature the oil a little bit. It's really not fair to someone when they are using oils for therapy and they have to always worry if their oils are any good. On a large scale, when buying hundreds of thousand of roses, using 25% less roses quickly increases the profit margins of these companies.

There are only few companies that make essential oils that I approve of. Some are cheaper and still 100% pure but don't always grow in prime spots and the other companies might have the best growing practices but might not always harvest in prime season. If someone is really trying to get the best oils, I've found I have to buy from different sources but unless you have doing this a long time, you can't go by the word of every company because they tall think they are the best.

On a side note, Watch out for Irradiation!!
A few companies can get away with irradiating their oils because irradiation is generally a new technology standard for herbs and spices. In many States not the raw herbal material needs to be irradiated before going off to the distilleries. If the end product is not irradiated (the oil) then there is absolutely no necessary labeling or guidelines for letting consumers know something has been treated this way. I have a problem with irradiation because of what it induces in the Living plant structure on a molecular level. This effectively destroys the bio-coherency potential and biophotonic healing effects of the herbs. If someone thinks this is just woo woo superstition I can gladly show you hard scientific data to back this up. The intelligence of the way herb or herbal oil products work in the body has very much to do with the energetic principles much like homeopathy. If you live in certain states, I only ship by UPS and not the USPS as I don't want them to irradiate the mail. Before ordering oils make sure you are not in one of these states that mandatory by law irradiates the mail in certain zip codes.

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