​Caution: The better an oils smells, especially with low priced essential oils, the less bioavailable constituents they usually have. The refinement, 2nd distillings, adding balsams to make them smell stronger, adding acetate to give the smell a similar effect of adding MSG to junk food to make them tasty. I am tired of the bullshit. If I smell an oil that just smells too good to be true, its a red flag. I know which oils are in their raw state and might not be as great smelling but I know all the constituents are there because I know how it makes me feel.

​So, I am hearing stories of companies buying essential oils that had had a problem in the distilling process, either it was cooked too long or in one case a dead squirril was found in the batch after it was distilled. Importers buy these knowing they are factory slip ups and they get this bunk oil, add some synthetic chemical crap to it and laugh at the people putting this all over their body and breathing it in.

If you want a strong scented essential oil that may be strong in scent but the therapeutic constituents refined out there are those oils out there. No company will ever tell you this, they will all send samples of oil and say they have the best. Some oils have stronger levels of constituents but a not so strong aroma. There are many people that just want to make their massage oil smell good and others who want the therapeutic value of it. There's nothing wrong with those wanting just the fragrance but if using oils therapeutically, this is where many people are getting scammed.

If you want a brand that is higher in therapeutic constituents let me know on my essential oil quiz. If you want the strongest smelling aroma, let me know that as well. 

Partial VS Complete Constituent oils
Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The high pressure and heat draw out more of the constituents and and create more dynamic aroma profile but low heat and pressure don't get as many constituents but the main ones are more intact and less damaged from excess heat.
For most of the expensive oils, companies have to decide weather to waste 25 to 30% of the fats in whatever plant they are distilling or do damage some of the therapeutic value of it. There is nothing wrong with over distilling that damages the therapeutic constituents as long as these oils are sold to those using it for fragrances only. Those looking just for fragrance usually don't care about constituents or anything of a therapeutic nature. So, before I use an oil, I want to know how complete the constituent profile. I prefer to sacrifice even double the constituent profile for more intact constituents at lower heat. Ask anyone that wants limolene, for example, in lemon oil, most people that are enthusiasts about this oil will want the highest quality intact limolene rather than having all the other constituents that are in lemon oil.

Note: when looking for strength or "potency" of an oil, knowing if has a "complete" extraction or a partial constituent extraction is what I first look out. If the company can give me the analysis of constituent breakdown IN WRITING of how much of this or that percentage of constituent it has. Many brands will have more of one constituent but less of another. Certain oils have more value when they have more of the constituent I want. The viscosity and density of the oil is the main thing to look for. If the oil has been fractioned and parts of it redistilled that can also be good for some people. This can make the aroma stronger but the constituent count less.

Take my essential oil quiz here.

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Which essential oil brands best serves You? I compile useful information to help people make a better decision.
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