Purity Scams

If its not GC and MS tested and they can't provide these certificates when I request them then I'm not interested in their oils. Everyone says the do not use pesticides and herbicides and they claim they only use natural fertilizers but they are not "certified" organic but they used organic practices. This is all I hear everytime I call a company.

​Note: Many companies are saying their oils don't have any of these issues but they add linalyl acetate and balsams. Adding synthetic stuff to pure oils makes them stronger and they still claim they are pure. This is not as bad as adding solvents like some companies do to get that last bit of oil out to increase their profit margins.

I only trust companies that actually have their own in house laboratory testing equipment to test the oils they buy from 2nd party distilleries unless they own their own farms. If I don't get it in writing that it meets my expectations I make them honor a money back return.

Many importers are always there to answer the phone. When I want to talk to the manager or owner of an essential oil company, why is it that they are always in a meeting or has to call me back. I never hear ever they are in France observing the farms to make sure they are not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Many importers get screwed over too and find out later they were not getting organic oil.

​Some importers of essential oils just want to know if the oil is pure but don't check on the companies to make sure they are harvesting their plants at the peak time of harvesting. The smell is great but the constituents are the last part and the immature plants have not been in the sun as long and soaked up as many minerals therefore might be missing most of the therapeutic constituents. This can mean an oil having less than 10% and all the way to 20% sesquiterpenes at its peak. Some of the larger essential oil companies have lab testing facilities to find out just the right time to harvest their crop to get the maximum therapeutic value.

Some plants get picked and that extra few hours delay can degrade the plants constituents and the importer gets scammed and never finds out. As long as it smells really good the importers don't usually complain. This this customer!

Bubble testing oils: This is another way I test to make sure they are pure​. Its not a guaranteed test but when you do about 10 to 15 different types of testing on the oils, like lasering, using a brix meter, weighing them, I just get a general idea about their oil. Oils that have been cut or have additives will bubble much more than 100% pure oils when shaken.
This is considering you are comparing single distilled to single and triple distilled to triple.

​Note: Taking away particles out of the oil is just a bad as a problem as adulterating the oils by adding chemicals to make them smell better that are bunk. Refining the oils and removing less aesthetic particles in the oil requires a further process and degrades the therapeutic value. I am sick of every company trying to make their oils marketable so people will find nothing wrong with them. Everyone is trying to get an edge over their competitor. Please ask me for free samples. I will never tell anyone one brand is better than another. It is all about what you prefer in an oil. Take my essential oil quiz and I will recommend the brand based on the answers you choose.
Camphor oil is also an essential oil. So when they say their bottle of oil is 100% pure essential oil, it can mean it has camphor added to bring out the smell. Single distilled oils have no where near the intensity of aroma as triple distilled oils and to get people to buy them for aromas they might put camphor in the oils and still call them 100% pure. I've never seen anyone on the label say, oh... Lavender, first ingredient, 2nd camphor. This is not regulated by the FDA so they aren't breaking any rules technically. But its just not cool when someone is using these for therapy reasons. Not cool at all. 

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Which essential oil brands best serves You? I compile useful information to help people make a better decision.
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​Purity test to try at home:
Another test is to freeze the oils of one particular oil and see which one becomes the most cloudy and thicker.

A more pure oil will become less cloudy and the oil won't get as thick.

Extenders put in oil:
​I do not promote any essential oil company that tries to extend their oils. Beware of companies that add jojoba (most common) and companies that are selling bunk oil that are putting benzoin to make the essential oil more pourable. This is done usually with the really expensive oils.

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