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...because every company said their quality was the best.
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Scam watch - Organic
There are hundreds of organic certifiers coming out of Malaysia and 3rd world countries and this is giving shady essential oil companies to label their oil organic. Also many oils are irradiated coming into the USA and Canada. So, even if it was organic, once it goes through irradiation they are still claiming it to be organic.

We know....
Beware of better than organic. I was midlead on this too. If it is really better than organic it would have the USDA organic seal on it. USDA is the strictest and then it depends on which certifier. Some are stricter than others. If it says organic on it, it is not 100% certified organic. Most people fall for this and don't know the difference. When a company says, "we grow our own" and distill it ourselves and they say "we know" our oils are 100% pure,,, then prove it to me. I also ask companies that say "better than organic" why they don't have the USDA seal and they say it would be too expensive. Plant Therapy, they are not as big as the MLM companies and they have the seal. It is not that expensive. I don't believe any company that says they are better than organic. I have tested nearly everyone of their oils that claim "better than organic" on their site and smelling them and tasting them and all my other tests prove to me they are not better. (the only thing that is better than organic (farm raised) is wildcrafted. 

Note: when someone says they own their own farms they they know their oils are pure, don't believe it unless they can prove it. Why wouldn't they want to actually prove their quality they claim to their consumers?

The ONLY regulated quality in essential oils is certified organic. Everything is else is simply fancy marketing trying to convince me they have as good quality as certified organic.
Beware! Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's the best quality. There are also different grades of certified organic essential oils! You can still have an oil that is certified organic but:
Can be industrial grade
Not intended for therapeutic use
Not as fresh
Not as potent
Sometimes not the right species of plant
Not grown in the right environment to produce sufficient phytochemicals to make a decent oil

So it's critical to buy USDA certified organic oils from someone who actually has been trained in how to tell the highest quality organic oils from everything else, like a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. I work with several and they can tell me if an oil is high quality or bunk.

​The problem is that the USDA certified organic oils since they cost so much there are even shortcuts that these companies take such as re distills, or growing in places that doesn't bring out the highest constituents. (like lavender growing in a field in the USA instead of a field in France). The biggest problem with certified organic oils is that most of them are not potent.

Note: I still promote conventional oils to those that are not using them for therapeutic purposes. 99% of the people buy conventional oils that most companies claim they are better than organic. They are probably better than the organic oils coming out of Malaysia but they will never claim they are better than USDA certified organic. ONLY if it's wildcrafted then it is better than organic. Plant Therapy and Purify Skin Therapy are the two most popular. Both companies have the strongest oils I have used. Purify Skin Therapy is a little more expensive but is my favorite for the most potent. Enfluerage has the best Frankincense and no other Frankincense comes close that I have reviewed. Floracopeia is also good and is organic but not Certified organic. 
Plant Therapy has only a handful of certified organic oils and they are potent like Purify Skin Therapy. Ameo (Ameo is the newest MLM company I reviewed) also has some certified organic oils. Not everyone can afford Purify Skin Therapy and not everyone is looking for the highest end oils due to price so there are different grades of Certified organic oils based on what people are using them for. Take my essential oil quiz and I will pick a company based on your answers

Note: this is something I am doing a field study on.... If many of these companies that have fields of just say lavender growing in fields next the side of the highway and there is there is pollution and not really protected, how can most of these companies claim they are better than organic. I just tested lavender grown near the highways in Utah from one of the major brands next to lavender grown wild in France. People know instantly the difference when they smell them.

Note: I also busted a company that is now saying their oils are 100% pure. They used to have organic on their label. I called and asked if their oils are organic and now they say they are better than organic. I Googled their brand and its the same oil they were calling organic last week. They are still using the same farms. Nothing has changed. This was also a company trash talking companies claiming they are better than organic and now they are doing the same after they changed their label. There is so much shady stuff going on with some of these companies it is very frustrating to sort through it.

Saying "our oils are better than organic" or "our oils are beyond organic" is so immoral and unethical if it really isn't better. It is completely deceiving consumers to think that their lower grade non-organic oils are as good quality or better than organic. It has also been made illegal to make those claims by the USDA. Why don't they just get their oils USDA certified organic and actually PROVE their quality to the consumer. If they won't prove it... I have a hard time giving them business.

If people really don't care about eating clean and organic, then they probably won't be as picky about their essential oils. The biggest 2 MLM companies don't have USDA certified oil and people are ok with it. I use them too but if I am using oils for therapeutic purposes I want the most potent and it has to be 100% pure.

USDA companies are Purifiy Skin Therapy (most expensive), 
Plant Therapy (try their ones that are certified). 
Wyndmere is also good (MOSA agency is their certifying agency

OTCO is the strictest certifying agency I have found. Very few companies use them in the essential oil industry. Purifiy Skin Therapy uses them also.

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Notice on Plant Therapy the USDA Organic seal on the bottle on the right but not on the bottle on the left. I urge people to compare oils grown in Certified Organic fields vs conventional fields.
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​Which essential oil brands best serves You? I compile useful information to help people make a better decision.

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